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Blimey!! You mean ALL that has happened to ALL of us is OUR fault. Yikes poor BF,NC etc


Well, in a nutshell, yes, that's what I believe. For example, although my overactive thyroid was originally caused by a shock (=finding out my husband had had an affair), the fact that I'm still overweight is entirely down to me. I could have lost it by now if I'd made up my mind to. I also think that by continuing to work in an unhealthy, stressful environment, in some way I brought about my own subarachnoid haemorrhage - I hated what I was doing but I stayed there and got angry and my blood pressure rose... and the rest is history.

If you own it, you can change it. If you decide that what happens to you is entirely the fault of someone/something else, then you can't take ownership of whatever it is and do something about it. That's how I see it, but I won't ever say "I'm right, you're wrong"; I respect that other people might see things differently. Il faut de tout pour faire un monde, non ? ! Love you xxx


Some I can accept but for others no. You can't stand up to the albanian mafia & stay alive!!!!!!!! The result of that event has had a lasting effect!!


I totally agree. Things DO happen to us that are outside of our control. We are only in charge of how we respond to what happens to us, is what I'm saying. (and you'll have to remind me of that story sometime cos I only know the bare outline!!!). I'm glad he survived by the way!

(Another)  Joan

Albanian mafia? Huh?


You'll have to ask jml..... :)

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