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What a lovely looking entrance hall! and WOW!! You have trimmed FOUR points off your BMI - that's bloody brilliant :D Well done you!!


I HATE BMI!!!!! It's a con


LOL Jackie! The con is them telling us that "normal" is between 19 and 25. Even at my lightest I was over 25.... However, it's a good indication of how much weight I've lost without actually telling people how much I weigh!!


What a grand entrance hall!

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you stop by again,

Victoria xx


I also meant to say congratulations. I'm just not "there" at the moment,I've never been in their "ideal" range so "THEY" can get LOST!!!

liz d

Jen well done on the weight loss I just wish I could get inspired I just can't seem to find that point. :(


Fabulous news on the BMI front Jen! Well done!

I hope your niece enjoys her stay in London when she's here. I love original features on houses!

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