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Hi Jen

Thank you for sharing your article. I was unfortunate to have had a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage in March 2008 and in July 2010 I had my other aneueurym coiled, the surgeon also told me that that I could die and suffer another stroke, I just wanted to run away from it all but I knew the operation had to be done. Unfortunately I did suffer another stroke during surgery and now my left side is weak, many months I felt depressed and still do but after reading your blog it has given me some hope and inspiration to carry on each day, it might be hard but it's a start.

Myra xx


Hi Myra and thank you! I've emailed you - but don't despair, it DOES get better, and we're all in it together over at BTG. Hugs!


What a lovely post, Jen, really enjoying reading it. Hope that all you wish for comes true in 2011 x


Great post, Jen, so don't you dare have any more thoughts about stopping Wagwaan,eh?!!
I have been thinking about how much shit rained down during the year right from the start of 2010! I like this "one word" idea and will have a think what my words could be, too ;D
... and rock on, 2011!!!


What a thought provoking post, and also a very inspiring one :) I hope you get the fulfilment you wish for in 2011! x

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