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Ooh, darling that looks ouchy.

How lovely to be back closer to your family and friends.

We're all rooting for you xxx

Jane (Brodders)

Jenn, seeing your scar brings back memories of when my mum suffered the same as you when I was 13. She had to have half of her hair shaved off , yourself?

Dont be hard on yourself, the road to recovery can be a slow process but your a strong woman and you'll get there soon what with the love and support of your friends and family.
Take care xxxx


Jenn, I am pleased that you are feeling well enough to take a photo!!! I am glad that they communion lady has been around, I know when dad was in hospital he told me that was what he was waiting for, I think it helps!!!I think God is looking after you, Thank goodness
lots of love


(((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))Darling Jen xxx


Yes - ouchy! Of course the scar is very impressive... but check out the cheekbone definition ;D
Take care and be patient with yourself....


sending our love & healing vibes.


Thank God you are alive. Healing takes time. Trust me, I know. It took me 4 years to get over my thing. You WILL recover and you WILL be well again. As Mummy Pat used to say; corners up darling. I love you very much. Gros bisous. Moi


Good grief Jen- shall I bring my Diamond Glaze round- you need a bit of glitter!!
Take it EASY *PAddington Bear Stare*
love kt x


Blimey old bird! That is one to be proud of in the playground! You are such a brave baby, my heart is so with you since reading all this- I had no idea!!!! x

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