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Glad you had such a wonderful time over Christmas & yes, if I see another chocolate I might burst...
I had no computer access & missed blogging, how sad am I!!!
All the best for the New Year.xx


So glad you had such an awesome Christmas! Glad to see you back too!


Glad to hear you mom is doing so great and you had a great time in France. Wishing you a very happy new year, hope to drop by more often in 2007 :)



Brilliant! I'm so glad you had such a lovely christmas Jenriggy :) Have another choccy for me!

Pat aka Clare's Mum

Hi Jen

I fell into the world of blogs quite by accident today when looking on the internet for some inks to buy and somehow ended up on scrapfairy's. I did not know what a blog was, or even that individuals could have one, so you can imagine my complete and utter surprise when I discovered Clare's as I had absolutely no idea of its existence. After reading everything on her site (I particularly enjoyed the bits where I was included!!!) I was so fascinated that I wanted to read about the people she is in regular contact with and so my next blog visit was to you. You do so much! Loved your entry about our visit to London and your photographs and especially meeting you, and I reiterate my invitation that you are welcome to stay with me any time you feel like visiting "the frozen north". With best wishes for the New Year.


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